Please fill in the information of the event/s programmed by your organization for the bicentennial celebration of the 1821 Greek Revolution in order for them to be included in
the Calendar which will be upload on the site of the Committee. This enables interested parties to search for similar or grouped activities, organizations, categories of events, etc.
Please enter all the events of your organization in the same chart.

The Calendar will be fully functional soon but the registration of ventures/events is open and you are able to enter your information as long as you have finalized your dates.


Fill in the information of the organization who proposes the event/events

List of events

Fill in detailed information concerning the event you are interested in proposing

  • You can propose more than one event using the button “Add event”. You can remove an event using the button “Remove”, as long as you have proposed more than one event. “Add event” .You can remove an event using the button “Remove”,
  • as long as you have proposed more than one event.
  • In the space Date of event fill in the exact date, e.g. 15/1/2021 or “every two weeks after agricultural trade fair” in order to plan the timetable accordingly.
  • In the space Location fill in the location of the event, especially in case of a remote venue in order to guarantee the best possible map allocation, e.g. “5th kilometer N.Artakis-Psahnon, location Yiamina, memorial Aggeli Goviou”.
Add event


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