Richard Clogg co-author of enthralling in-depth History of Greece in Encyclopaedia Britannica

Renowned British historian Richard Clogg, who is a member of the “Greece 2021” Committee, is co-author of adetailed and illuminating entry relating to the History of Greece in Encyclopaedia Britannica, the leading general knowledge English-language encyclopedia.
The enthralling in-depth Britannica entry Greece’s history spans the Byzantine period and Ottoman rule to the struggle for Greek Independence and Greece’s history since then, including World War I and II, civil war, the restoration of democracy and the debt crisis.

Clogg, who is emeritus fellow of St Antony's College, Oxford, enjoys a reputation as one of the most important and influential specialists in modern and contemporary Greek history. His best-known work A Concise History of Greece (1992) set new standards in the field, was translated into several languages, and was awarded with the Runciman Award in 1993.Clogg was decorated with the Gold Cross of the Greek Order of Honour by the President of Greece in 2002.


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