Our great songwriter and member of the Committee "Greece 2021" about the "Forerunner" of the Numismatic Programme

"I see this dreamy painting by Theophilos: Rigas and Adamantios Korais lifting Greece! It was issued by the Committee of 2021 and is available through the National Bank. A nice little gift! They gave it to me for my name day. It only costs a few euros, but it modestly conveys much more than its cost. It is like it's telling us: During this bizarre Christmas and New Year's holidays, we also feel the 200th birthday of our modern Greek state approaching. Isn't it worth honoring it? Can't we use it symbolically to send our wishes?

This stylish commemorative medal, issued by the Committee "Greece 2021", is the forerunner of a celebration that will come to warm our hearts, to deepen our thinking, and to revive the longing for continuity in these difficult circumstances. Best wishes to all, filled with happiness, health, and joy.

Be strong, guys.

Dionysis Savvopoulos"