Dimitris Horn: "For me, my homeland is my youth"

Dimitris Horn: "For me, my homeland is my youth"

It is a phrase often used by Dimitris Horn (1921-1998), a phrase that defined him throughout his life and his art. He was the son of Pantelis Horn, a well-known theater writer. His godmother was the famous actor Kyveli who introduced him to the theater. The decisive point, though, in his life as an artist was his collaboration with the renowned Marika Kotopouli. His talent, his manly charm, and his expressive voice left their print on many movies by George Tzavellas, Alekos Sakellarios, and others, as well as the theatrical production of "Odos Oneiron" by Manos Hadjidakis where he performed the song "Ethopoios" (Actor).

He performed as the leading actor in many theatrical productions, the most famous of which was the theatrical troupe of Lambeti-Pappas-Horn. He was very fond of radio and recorded many plays for it. He also broadcasted a satirical radio show for many years, a five-minute weekly show based on scripts written by Kostas Pretenderis.

In 2000, Stamatis Fasoulis established the Horn theatrical award for young actors. The winner is presented with the golden cross owned by Dimitris Horn, and at the next award ceremony, he offers it to the new winner.