Pavlos Prosalentis Sr. sets up an Art School in Corfu

In 1811 Pavlos Prosalentis Sr (1784-1837) established in Corfu, the first school for the teaching of Fine Arts. It was named “Didaskaleion Oreon Technon” (School for the Fine Arts), and in 1815 the English Commissioner Thomas Maitland ruled its upgrade to “Demosia ton Kalon Technon Academia” (Public Academy of the Fine Arts).
Prosalentis was the first Greek sculptor to study abroad (1803-1806), namely at the Academy of St Lucas in Rome under Antonio Canova. His master’s influence, as well as the influence of ancient Greek art is evident in his statues as well as his busts. The bust of Plato (1815, marble, National Glyptothek, Athens) is considered the first piece of modern Greek sculpture.