The “History of the Greek Nation” by Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos

Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos is considered the “father” of modern Greek historiography. Already with his first brief version of the History of the Greek Nation in 1853 (work that was completed in 1860 to 1874), he laid the groundwork for the most sustainable and influential ideological model of Greek historiography: the three-part continuum, Antiquity, Byzantium, Modern Era.
His battle was to demonstrate the faults in Fallmerayer’s theory concerning the racial origins of the Greeks and to continue the efforts of Sp. Zampelos to restore the presence of Byzantium in the nation’s history. He was a keen advocate of Megali Idea and a chief member of the Greek foreign policy in the 19th century, an inspirational figure for intellectuals, politicians, even kings.