Nikiforos Lytras is elected professor at the School of Fine Arts

“Endowed by nature with an abundance of artistic presents, Lytras would thrive and succeed in any environment and amass great wealth. He preferred to dedicate his talent to his country, becoming not only a main advocate but also the founder of modern Greek art”.
In his article, Themistoclis Sofoulis (Newspaper, 10 November 1888) stated what research has proven: Nikiforos Lytras is the foremost artist of the 19th century who contributed to the maturity of the new nation’s artistic expression, tackled many art issues and, mostly, excelled as a teacher for many young artists.
Furthermore, with his works “Kalanta” (Caroling) 1872, and “Psariano Moiroloi” (Wailing at Psara) after 1888, he is recognized as the initiator of the folklore in Greek art. Nikiforos Lytras was born in Tinos in 1832 and studied painting in Athens (1850-1855.) He acquired his artistic identity in Munich, where he studied from 1860 to 1865. He returned to Athens in 1866 and was elected professor at the School of Fine Arts, a position he held until his death in 1904.