First edition of “Loukis Laras” by Demetrios Vikelas

First edition of “Loukis Laras” by Demetrios Vikelas

DimitriosVikelas (1835-1908) was an exemplary intellectual with a significant influence on issues dealing with modern Greek education.
He was involved in many types of writing: novel, poetry, travel journal, essay, articles, memoirs, autobiography, translation. He was an intellectual as well as a merchant in the Greek community in London. With his autobiographical and anti-heroic novel LoukisLaras (1879), which embodied the spirit of his era, he completed the romantic literary cycle of the Revolution of 1821.

The broadness of his intellect is evident in his participation, as president of IOC, in the revival of the Olympic Games in 1896 and the establishment of the Society for the Advancement of Beneficial Books.