Giannis Kefallinos is elected professor at the engraving department of the School of Fine Arts

Kefallinos' (1894-1957) appointment at the engraving department of the School of Fine Arts was the deciding moment for the institutional recognition of engraving as one of the Fine Arts. This led to a thriving period at the department and the emergence of many excellent engravers, most of them Kefallinos' students.
Kefallinos was born in Alexandria and was educated in Belgium and France. As a teacher, he was exceptionally gifted, progressive, and a bright example for his students. His main concern was the artistic aptitude of his students, as well as for them to shape an individual and unique artistic style. He accomplished this by holding discussions on modern art, on the role of the artist in society, the usefullness of engraving in the bookbinding field.

In this fertile and stimulating workshop, flourished artists who will, later, shape the modern Greek artistic generation of the 30s. Among them were TassosAlevizos, VassoKatraki, LoukiaMaggiorou, Georgios Moschos, Kostas Grammatopoulos, Tonia Nikolaidou, GiorgisVarlamis, GiorgosManousakis, TelemachosKanthos, etc. Also, famous painters Yiannis Moralis, Nikos Engonopoulos, and Yiannis Tsarouchis frequented Kefallinos' workshop and were greatly influenced by his teachings.