Georgios Seferis' turns to modernism

Georgios Seferis' turns to modernism

The most powerful and characteristic poetic voice of the Greek 20th century. Giorgos Seferis (1900-1971) was the central personality of Greek poetry and a primary delegate of modernism in Greece. In his poetry, we find a harmonious union of Greek popular tradition with the new movements from Europe and Western civilization.
His "Mythistorima" (Mythical Narrative) in 1935 was the turning point in the history of modern Greek poetry. His uniqueness resided in his masterful economy of words and the art of poetic simplicity. He was the first Greek Nobel Laureate (1963) and the literary critic who organized and documented the essay in an open dialogue with the literary past.

He reflected profoundly on Hellenism and the managing of the national tragedy of the loss of Asia Minor, a course that defined him as a custodian of national self-awareness.