Ioannis T. Kakridis at the trial for the use of accents in the Greek language

A classical linguist and expert on Homer of international fame, I.T. Kakridis (1901-1992) devoted his life to the study of ancient Greek Classics. In 1941 he was drawn to the so-called "Accents Trial" caused by his students' accusations on the use of the monotonic system in his teaching. He collaborated with N. Kazantzakis on the translations of the Iliad and Odyssey, a project that stimulated a new expressive potential for the modern Greek language.

He studied the modern Greek culture (poetry, prose, ethnography) in depth and believed in its homogeneity. From his position as President of the newly founded Educational Institute during Georgios Papandreou (1964-1965) educational reform, he was a decisively influential contributor to Greek education.