Filopoimen Finos secretly films the lowering of the flag of the Third Reich atop the Acropolis

Filopoimen Finos (1908-1977) identifies with the "golden" age of Greek cinematography as the greatest producer of films ever. However, it is little known that with his camera, he filmed the Greek-Italian war at the Albanian borders. When the Germans invaded Greece, they tried to find and destroy the films, but he hid them well and they could not be found. The Germans destroyed his studio, arrested him and his father, and sentenced them to death. His father was executed.

On October 12th, 1944, when the German troops evacuated Athens, Finos documented the actual moment of the liberation. In this film, he recorded one of the most historical and symbolic events in Greece's modern history, the lowering of the Nazi flag by a German soldier and his humiliating departure through the ancient marbles of Acropolis.