Death of Alexandros Delmouzos

In 1908 Alexandros Delmouzos was the principal at Volos All-Girls Preparatory School, where he first initiated his groundbreaking methods of teaching. For these methods and his philosophy and opinions on education, he was persecuted several times and criticizedat the Marasleiaka controversy (1926). He was one of the founding members of the Educational Group and the reform conflicts of 1910. Still, his disagreement with the socialist perspective of Glynos led to the breakup of the Group in 1927. During the dictatorship of Ioannis Metaxas he was accused of undermining the institutions of country, religion and family and he resigned his positions as professor of Philosophy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and supervisor at the Pilot School. He remained loyal to his beliefs on education until the end of his life.