Marilena Aravantinou designs the sets for the French movie "Tintin et le Mystere de la Toison d' Or"

In 1961 the adventures of Tintin were brought to the cinema for the first time with the French-Belgian film "Tintin et le Mystere de la Toison d' Or" a large part of which had been shot in Greece. The sets were designed by Marilene Aravantino. Today, Marilena Aravantinou (1927-2019) is considered the first female Greek set designer. She had been a student of Moralis at the School of Fine Arts. At the same time, during the period 1950-1953, she worked closely with Yiannis Tsarouchis in the creation of sets.

Since 1953 she started working on her own, collaborating with large theater companies in Athens (Kyveli-Katrakis, Lambeti-Horn, etc.). She worked successfully in both theater and cinema in Greek films ("The Man on the Train," 1958 "A Hero with Slippers," 1958, etc.). Also, in major international productions ("It happened in Athens," 1962, "The sailor from Gibraltar," 1967, "Peter and Paul," 1981, etc.). One of her last projects for the cinema was for the movie "Absences" (1987), by Giorgios Katakouzinos. In 1975 she became fully dedicated to painting, and she displayed her work in exhibitions in Athens and abroad.