The last performance of Lefteris Vogiatzis

On May 29, Lefteris Vogiatzis (1944-2013) plays in his last performance. One of the most significant contemporary Greek theater directors and actors, in 2001 he staged for the first time in Greece the play Cleansed by Sarah Kane, in which he played the role of Tinker. In Tinker's costume and holding Sarah Kane's book, he will say goodbye to his friends on stage at the Cyclades Street Theater a few hours before his funeral. Following Karolos Koun, Lefteris Vogiatzis renewed the aesthetics of theater in Greece.

Tireless, thorough, profound, analytical, he had said that he became a director by chance. In 1989 he founded the Ancient Drama Workshop, directing Sophocles' Antigone. An indoors Antigone. Every performance from the Greek or foreign repertoire was a theatrical event. He has been the teacher of many of the best contemporary actors. In August of 2012, being ill already, he directed Moliere's Amphitryon in Epidaurus and was adored by the audience. His cinema presence as an actor was small: he participated in many films by Nikos Panagiotopoulos and also starred in the films Eastern Region by Vassilis Vafeas, Rosa by Christoforos Christofis and Acropol by Pantelis Voulgaris.