1937 Sykoutris’ suicide

Sykoutris is regarded as the most important Greek scholar, second only to Korais. He was an internationally recognized classical linguist and a perceptive interpreter of classical Greek and foreign literature. IoannisSykoutris gave new life to the ancient texts and introduced philology to daily life. Particularly groundbreaking and impressive were his studies on Plato’s “Symposium” (1934) and Aristotle’s “Poetics” (1937, posthumous edition).
He published his work on the Greek orator, Demosthenes, for the German publishing house Teubner in Leipzig. He made an impression on the conservative Greek literary scene in the 1930s through the Literary Circle and the Scientific Tutorial. However, in Greece, he never had the recognition he desired. The conservative faculty at the University of Athens twice rejected his candidacy for an academic position. His suicide put an end to a short but brilliant career.