1961 The government is censoring Alekos Alexandrakis’ second directorial attempt

AlekosAlexandrakis (1928-2005) was mainly known as one of the greatest leading men of his time. At the time, though, he was very active politically. He created a great uproar when at an interview, he stated that he wanted to spend Christmas with ManolisGlezos, a political symbol of the left who was in jail for treason at the time. In 1961 he directed his film “Synoikia to Oneiro” (A neighborhood called Dream) on a script by Kostas Kotzias and TassosLeivaditis and music by Mikis Theodorakis. Large parts of the film were censored, and at the premier police forces prevented the public from entering the theater. At a later interview, Alexandrakis said that the police commissioner canceled the screening of the film and accused him of communist propaganda. Nevertheless, the film received awards at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.