Moralis enters his abstract period with his solo exhibition at the Zoumboulakis Gallery

“One must not blather. One must adhere to discipline. One must contain the composition from anything superficial…” said Yiannis Moralis (1914-2009) defining his artistic thinking. Moralis’ art followed a slow and evolutionary road from representation to abstraction but never without a theme in his painting. Intensity, explosion, chromatic passion were never components in his work. On the contrary, what prevailed in his artist style was peacefulness and tranquility, timelessness and simplicity. He addressed the viewer’s deepest desire by letting his geometric shapes, curves and straight lines, interact with each other in an intellectual dialogue. The essence of Moralis’ art is this: a hymn to life, a modern classicism that strives for immortality. This new direction in Moralis’ art was presented publicly for the first time in March 1972 at his third solo exhibition at the Iolas-Zoumboulakis Gallery. His “Girl who paints” is at the center of the exhibition as a kind of “key” for the decoding of the master’s abstract dialogue.