"Greece 2021" Committee licensed products


The Committee "Greece 2021" held an open public competition to declare an Official Licensee for the production of a commemorative, collectible series of products bearing the Committee's logo. The company "Diakakis Imports S.A" was declared official exclusive Licensee of the "stationery-school supplies" category and the products are available in the shops listed here

The authentic souvenirs, including school supplies, stationery, bags, water canteens, mugs, diaries, and more, decorated with the Committee's "Greece 2021" designs and logos, aim to promote further the celebration and the programmed anniversary events concerning the bicentennial of the Revolution.

All our products are of the highest quality and design and appeal both to adults and children. Their impressive designs and colors convey the anniversary celebrations' messages uniquely, using symbols and patterns inspired by our history.

Some of the design principles that were used in the creation of the anniversary collection were drawn from characteristic values that guide the Greeks, such as resilience and pride, the brave heroes of the Revolution, such as Kolokotronis and Bouboulina, and meaningful symbols, such as the "tsarouhi," Kolokotronis' distinctive helmet, embroidery details from traditional costumes.

A unique collection that carries the Greek Revolution to the modern era and the collective, heroic past of the Greeks become a source of inspiration for their future.