«May the dances never stop»

The video clip for the 200th anniversary of the Revolution is made public

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The song "May the dances never stop" by Dionysis Savvopoulos
was chosen by the Committee "Greece 2021" to use in the video clip for the Revolution's 200th anniversary.
This happy and hopeful song, which has been loved by millions of Greeks, narrates the historical course of Greece by using a group of contemporary Greeks’ celebration as an allegory.

With particular sensitivity, the lyrics presents the enduring course of Hellenism, from antiquity to the present day.

The President of the Committee "Greece 2021", Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, said:

"We chose this song because it describes our common journey uniquely. In these 200 years, our "assembly" unfolded and evolved. Our "bond became denser." We fell many times, but we rose again and "our friendships continued to write history". In 2021 we look forward. We merge our "longstanding and flaming orbits" with a bright and hopeful future. Because the journey of the Greeks continues. So, may the dances never stop!"

For the celebration, the song, first released in 1983 in Dionysis Savvopoulos' album "Tables Outdoors," was filmed with a new musical arrangement and was performed by seven choirs:
  • La Familia,
  • Estia of Nea Smyrni,
  • Ministry of the interior,
  • National Conservatory,
  • Spyros Lambros Children's Choir,
  • Musica,
  • ΟΤΕ
  • and Athens Conservatory.
The choirs participated pro bono.

The video clip was filmed at the Panathenaic Stadium and the Calatrava Market at the Olympic Stadium.

Giannis Christodoulopoulos, in charge of the cultural events for the Committee "Greece 2021," directed the video clip and was responsible for the new musical arrangement of the song. Artemis Ignatiou created the choreography. The project was produced by the Committee "Greece 2021."
Mr. Dionysis Savvopoulos, a member of the Assembly of the Committee "Greece 2021" and creator of the song, kindly granted the Committee "Greece 2021" permission to use it.
It took three months of continuous group work to complete the entire project.

Choirs, musicians, dancers, technicians, more than 300 people participated in the casting and filming, rehearsals and recordings, countless hours of sound, and film editing.
Lastly, it should be pointed out that the recording of the song and the filming of the video clip occurred before the latest restrictive measures relating to the development of the pandemic in Attica were imposed, while all the required health guidelines were followed.