The Numismatic Programme of the "Greece 2021" Committee

The Numismatic Programme of the "Greece 2021" Committee

A unique collection for the anniversary of 200 years after the Revolution

A unique collection which enabled Greek women and men to "travel" through Greece's modern history. A special souvenir of the 200 years after the Revolution, with extraordinary depictions and unique collectible value, which were central reference point of our landmark anniversary. A means through which Greek women and men all over the world could contribute to the completion of even more projects aiming to honor the two centuries of modern Greek State.
This was the "Greece 2021" Committee's Numismatic Programme.

The Numismatic Programme highlighted 200 years of modern history through 14 coins, in three series:

A series of 2 coins made of a combination of metal and polymer material, imprinted with the first two coins of the Greek state,

A series of 8 silver coins, imprinted with the expansions of the Greek State, through the depiction of the personalities associated with every Greek region,

A series of 4 gold coins depicting the evolution of the flag, the Greek people's national symbol, from the Revolution to the present day.
These 14 coins, which bear the stamp of the supreme quality and formidable technique of the award-winning engravers at the National Mint, were in a limited number. At the same time, their molds were destroyed after production, enhancing further their unique collectible value.

In detail, what is included in the Numismatic Programme

More specifically, the "Greece 2021" Committee's Numismatic Programme includes a unique three-part collection consisting of:

Two bi-metallic coins, which depict the first two coins of the Greek State:
  • The Phoenix of 1828.
  • And the first drachma of 1832.

Eight silver coins, with the expansions of the Greek territory:

  • The first Greek State, with Theodoros Kolokotronis.
  • The Ionian Islands, with Ioannis Kapodistrias.
  • Thessaly and Arta, with Rigas Feraios-Velestinlis.
  • Epirus, with Athanasios Tsakalov.
  • Macedonia, with Pavlos Melas.
  • Crete, with Eleftherios Venizelos.
  • Thrace, with Georgios Vizyinos.
  • The Dodecanese, with Lady of Ro.

And four gold coins with the evolution of the Greek flag:

  • The flag of the Friendly Society.
  • The Greek flag of 1821.
  • The Greek flag of 1822.
  • The current Greek flag.

The «Greece 2021» Committee's Numismatic Programme was implemented with a decision by the Ministry of Finance, based on the Committee's recommendation, and the gracious sponsorship of the Bank of Greece

In addition to its great sentimental and commemorative value, the acquisition of such a collection contributed to the implementation of projects, since, as is known, the Committee did not receive any state funding. Through the Numismatic Programme, the Committee was able to implement projects that concern:
  • The two-hundred-year course of Greece,
  • The Greeks who left their mark in Greece and abroad during these 200 years, from the Revolution of 1821 to present day,
  • The challenges we are called to confront in the future

"We are proud of these coins"

"This is an exceptional work that keeps the great numismatic tradition of the country alive," said Alternate Minister of Finance, Theodoros Skylakakis, speaking on the Numismatic Programme during the teleconference held for its inauguration. He added: "We are proud to have these coins as coins of the Greek State, because the citizens and the collectors must understand that these coins are coins of the Greek State. They are part of Greece's complete Numismatic Programme for 2021."

"I hope that the «Greece 2021» Committee's entire work will be as high-quality as the Numismatic Programme because then we will have accomplished a genuinely successful anniversary in 2021. It may be a difficult time now because of the pandemic. However, we hope that in the following months, the sky will become bluer and will light up these magnificent coins" concluded the Alternate Minister of Finance.

"We believe that this programme will be central reference point of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution and it will be embraced by Greeks all over the world," Committee President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki mentioned during the teleconference.